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Luxury Villas Accessible to all audiences.

At New Villas we have developed a unique construction system in the market, being pioneers in the sector.

Our Unique Homes have a modern and minimalist design.

Below we will explain in detail the construction process and the steps to follow in the development of your project.

Modelo Lisboa | New Villas


What are the steps to follow to start the project?

Initially we must explain that our construction system is unique  and we must not confuse it with traditional or prefabricated construction.

O ur system made up of different construction phases, offers qualities & features superior to the rest.

  • Improved anti-seismic performance.

  • Closed Budgets. 100% Customizable Housing.

  • Waterless construction. Zero bricks.

  • Efficient. Reduced energy consumption.

  • Real thermal & acoustic insulation.

  • Clean work. Zero Waste.

  • Runtime reduced by 300%.

  • Complete Home Automation in all Models.

  • Minimum Full Warranty for 10 Years.

New Villas | Constructora | Casas Prefabricadas

Project Trajectory


First contact.

The first step to start creating your new Villa is to establish our first contact  by phone, or if you prefer, through our live chat or via email, where we will answer all your questions.

We will introduce you to our team in charge of executing the project, as well as their respective tasks.


Signature of the Contract.

The entire team will meet with you to sign the project execution and construction contract for your new luxury villa.

At this point, all your doubts will have been resolved and you should not worry about anything else. 

New Villas takes care of the entire process, permits and licenses.


Project execution.

New Villas will start the construction process of your new Luxury Villa, fulfilling the phases that will have been previously explained and agreed upon.

The approximate average time of construction of the house will be about 5/6 months once the pertinent licenses have been obtained and the land has been prepared if required.

If you want to make changes during the execution of the work, you can do it without any problem, you will always be in contact with our team of architects and engineers during the construction process, you can even be present at the work supervising the execution of it yourself. .


Finished project.

Once the planned construction time has elapsed and the execution of your project has been 100% completed, we will meet you at your new Villa, where our team will hand over the keys so that can settle in and enjoy their new dream home.

We will deliver all the documentation of your new home, so that you can proceed to the declaration of finished new work and its registration, as well as maintenance books, guarantees, etc.

Logotipo de New Villas WT.png


Project Study.

Our team will request the documentation on your plot to  study the urban feasibility or if you are looking for one, we will advise you in detail.

Once we have studied your plot, it would be a good idea to visit it with our  team to finalize the topology.

If you also want to condition your land and design the exteriors to your liking in detail, our team will meet with you to make it happen.

Our team will detail  each phase of the project execution, in addition to showing you the wide range of customizations in an extensive list of qualities where you can choose different finishes for your new Villa.


Complete Project Design.

In this phase, our team of architects will develop the complete project of your home based on your plot. 

Our architects will meet with you as many times as necessary to design all the interiors of the house, various modifications or ideas that you want to add to the selected New Villas Model to your liking.

On the other hand, if you wish, you will decide how you want the exterior of the house (Gardens), as well as accessories such as swimming pools, garages, outdoor gyms, among many others.


New Villas is able to develop and build anything you can imagine.

Finally, you will obtain the detailed plans, which will be processed in the town hall where the plot is located to request a building license.


While the license is obtained, our team will prepare the execution project and the manufacturing project.


New Villas includes in its prices both the topographical survey, the foundation of the land, as well as the geotechnical study, in addition to the visa expenses of the projects, construction management & guarantees for a minimum of 10 years.

Shall we call you?


Housing Qualities

The qualities & finishes are fully customizable, available in the specifications of each Villa model.

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New Villas | Constructora | Casas Prefabricadas
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